Welcome, if you are reading this, well I have succeeded in posting my first blog entry! I am a” sometimes” person, sometimes a mother, wife, farmer, contractor, advisor, delegate, advocate, procrastinator. What I am ALL the time is me.

I am secretly morphing into my mother: Something we say we are never going to do, but when you find yourself crocheting and making quince jam while watching your 16 year old son, try to teach you how to shuffle ( which I can now do). You slowly realise you are coming full circle and it isn’t as bad as you thought it would be!

So what you read here is who I am, how I feel, what I am passionate about, and what just might be annoying me about the time I put fingers to keyboard!. I farm, live, love, drink a lot of coffee and martinis as well as ramble on a few thousand hectares somewhere about  halfway between two BIG smokes ( Melbourne & Adelaide).

You can find me on twitter, just search for wimmerachic otherwise you can occasionally find me here (when I have a spare moment or 6)

I always like to ponder a “thought” so below is your thought to ponder!

Always remember that “ The most important things in life, are not things”


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  1. welcome to the blog world 🙂 may you enjoy yr stay

  2. John Scott aka joggleau on twitter

    Congrats Wimmerachic its a great start

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